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New Markets Ltd was formed in 1991 and has been actively engaged in Engineering Sales and Consultancy specialising in automotive, railway and manufacturing sectors with many contacts throughout Europe and Australia.

Welcome to New Markets

We are one of the leading UK suppliers of Dished Ends manufactured by our partners BAZ-Torus in Germany and Hungary.

Torispherical, Elliptical, Hemispherical, Flat and Dished and Flanged Ends are being supplied daily to a wide and varied UK customer base.

New Markets Ltd is well known for the supply of components to the UK Pressure Vessel and Tank manufacturers, especially Dished Ends, for a wide variety of applications.

Our Dished Ends are pressed, not spun, either Cold or Hot with reliable control and monitoring elements. We can measure the actual temperature of each head in the furnace and adjust accordingly to guarantee the correct treatment specified.

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“New Markets Ltd have been supplying Dished Ends / Heads to the UK Pressure Vessel and Tank manufacturing industry since 1997. We have access to larg...”   Read moreDuncan Berry, Director, New Markets Ltd